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Do you have your KPI’s set?

One of the most popular movies of the 1990’s era has been, “Home Alone”

I am sure you must have all heard about it or watched it!

They all have one thing in common.

In all the movies, families leave their most valuable asset at home – THEIR SON!

They all are busy rushing, getting late, packing, yelling, and trying to get to the airport on time.

By the time they realized that their son was missing, it was too late…

Only if the family had planned their trip through, they wouldn’t be in such a chaos, and certainly would not forget their son at home.

Similarly as business owners try to find their way to success they forget about the most important aspect of their business –Their Critical Success Factor.


Business owners are always rushing! Trying to manage operations, conducting activities, meeting deadlines, dealing with clients and more. In the midst of it all, they realize they have cash flow issues. Or they realize they didn’t set any money goals for future investments. Or notice that they didn’t receive any warning signs for the bumps about to come in the business. Due to these reasons, business owners forget about their Critical Success Factors. By the time they realize this, it is usually too late.

Only if entrepreneurs had their planning, budgeting and checklist done, they would not be in such a chaos, neither would they miss out on their CRITICAL SUCCESS FACTORS.

Want to know more about Critical Success Factors? Refer to my previous article, “The Magic of 1 KPI”, that shows how 1 CSF and KPI can take a declining company to heights of profitability.