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18 October, 2022  Pramod Dhalwani

Reality or Illusion?

Have you all watched the Matrix? It is one of the most mind-boggling movies I have watched.

Do you remember when Neo was followed by Morpheus who offered him two pills: red and blue. He said if he took the blue pill, Neo will continue to live the life he is living, eating steak for dinner and enjoying luxuries . But if he took the red pill, he would get out of the illusion and witness the reality. The reality could be better or worse than the illusion.



Similarly, imagine if you were offered these two pills! The blue pill would let you stay in the in an illusion that your business is making profits. Whilst the red pill will reveal the reality! In the movie, it was Neo’s choice, but in the real world, living in an illusion about your business could lead to nothing but massive destruction. 



What could possibly be an illusion for your business?




What could possibly be the reality of your business?



Sometimes customers don’t pay as soon as they purchase a good or a service. Hence money doesn’t reach business but invoices are raised. As invoices are raised, your business shows PROFIT when in reality you don’t have the money.

In this instance, the records are just an illusion, while in reality…. YOU ARE OUT OF CASH!

Are your accountants telling you the reality? Or are they keeping you in a bubble? Are you living in an illusion? Do you have a CFO who can analyze the reality for you? Share your thoughts.