CEO’s Message

“I love working with entrepreneurs as these individuals have made a decision to take action and make their dreams come true.”

CEO’s Message

Welcome to IFC

My WHY is to CONTRIBUTE to a greater cause, make a difference and have an impact. When IFC was launched in 2012, it was with a clear vision that we will provide a value add service to our clients helping them realise their Entrepreneurial Dream.

On a personal level, I ask myself 3 questions every morning:
  • What can I GIVE?
  • How can I GROW?
  • What can I CELEBRATE?


Over the years I have been blessed with a great network of clients, friends and business associates. I am proactively looking for ways to help support my network. Our team at IFC is also always looking at ways to ADD VALUE to our clients and highlight the alternate options to improve profitability, cash and operations. When we make a difference to our network, it gives us tremendous joy.


I am a constant LEARNER with an ever-growing library of books at home and in my office. I encourage our team at IFC to also expand their knowledge. I have further completed various online courses to keep myself updated on the latest technology and data trends. At IFC, we use our learnings to innovate our Business Model and provide better solutions for our clients in the constantly changing business cycle.
I have recently been certified as a Gravitas Impact Premium Coach and increased my knowledge base by having access to some of the greatest thought leaders across the world. Using the collective worldwide knowledge of the thought leaders, we can help our clients achieve exponential growth.


In my 28 years of working with multiple organisations and clients worldwide, I have been fortunate to be part of many CELEBRATIONS with stakeholders, helping them reach milestones and achieve success. I believe in operating with an abundant mindset and my clients share a similar thought process, actively celebrating their achievements with the stakeholders that have contributed in their journey.


One of my personal goals at IFC is to Enable Business Leaders from within, i.e. to develop our staff to be the Future Leaders of IFC which will ensure that the organisation lifespan outlives me and continues to grow in strength and vision. The year 2020 has had challenges worldwide but we strongly believe that by working together with all our stakeholders, we can be lean and strong, geared for future growth. We are investing in IFC’s future and our actions are designed for us to continue serving our clients for generations to come.
I invite you to share your entrepreneurial journey with us and it will be a pleasure for us to CONTRIBUTE to your Entrepreneurial Dream.

Pramod Dhalwani
-Chief Energizing Officer

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