Frequently asked questions

  • Why do I need IFC before starting my business?

    Many businesses fail because they fall short of cash. This happens because they failed to plan at the start of the business. IFC works with entrepreneurs to create a plan bearing in mind all risks and cash flow requirements. We further create a buffer in case things don't go according to the plan, which increases the entrepreneur's success rate.

  • How can IFC help my business if I am struggling with a lack of resources?

    IFC's staff has got significant experience in reorganizing and restructuring the companies to revive profitability. Our staff has been involved as advisors in debt restructuring, reorganizing (based on resources), effective capacity utilization, raising equity, and as well as providing out of the box financial services. After engagement, we provide proactive services to ensure smooth operations.

  • Does IFC provide funding?

    No, we work with various financial institutions that provide funding. We help our clients prepare the documents for submission that helps them arrange the funding.

  • How can IFC help me with rising overheads?

    IFC works with the clients to ensure that all the resources are effectively utilized. One of the perspectives that is used is to view the money spent as investment and identify the Return on Investment, rather than viewing it as cost.

  • How much will it cost me?

    Our flexible pricing depends on our clients' internal resources. This helps us assess the number of IFC's resources that need to be allotted. We do provide both options – fixed fee and per hour basis. 

  • What are the fees?

     There is a whole variety of options provided for our clients. Our fees work on time basis, for example: per hour or per day. We also work on monthly retainers and fixed lumpsum amounts. It depends on the client requirements and flexibility. 

  • Will an Accountant be assigned to me?

     Yes, a specific client account manager is assigned to every single client.

  • Are all accountants in IFC qualified?

     Yes, all accountants in IFC are qualified, and regulated by ICAEW.

  • How would IFC bill us?

    IFC's billing depends on the contract. The terms and conditions are laid out in the engagement letter

  • How do I set up a company in Dubai?

    There are many options available. However, every business has a different set of requirements. Engage with us in a free consultation to find out what options are feasible and efficient for you. 

  • What if I am not happy with the results?

     We discuss objectives, risks and the scope of work in the initial meeting itself. Hence, we deliver to the requirements of our clients. We provide expected results and out-of-box solutions. If the client is not happy, we engage with them to understand how we can serve them better. At IFC, we operate only to make our clients happy.