“What gets measured gets managed” ~ Peter F. Drucker

Growing Stage Pain Points

Every Growing business faces a unique set of obstacles which are common among businesses in that stage. At IFC, we understand these challenges and enable business leaders to achieve exponential growth.

  • Do you have processes for decision making?
  • Are your accounts updated daily?
  • Cannot afford a fulltime CFO?

IFC Experience for a Growing Business

Are you experiencing significant growth but struggling with Cash flow?

This is an exciting phase of business due to exponential growth during this period. However, based on statistics, majority of businesses worldwide fail during this phase due to running out of cash. IFC specialises in Working Capital and Cash management. Contact us now to see how we can help you achieve your goals.

-Pramod Dhalwani

Frequently asked questions

  • Does IFC design processes?

    Yes, we help design distinct processes and standard operating procedures (SOPs). We use USP's wherever possible. Also, we provide video SOP's to ensure easiness.

  • Does my company need processes?

    Yes. Processes encourage and enable businesses to run their operations smoothly. It assures efficiency and brings consistency..

  • Why is it important to update my accounts daily?

    It is crucial to update your records daily in order to ensure where your money is, and to manage your business better.

  • Why should I take IFC’s services if I have an accountant?

    There are various levels of review required within accounts for any organization. The accountant or the ledger clerks would typically be data entry operators who's work would require a review from supervisors. The supervisors have an additional duty to close the books every month. The supervisor's work is then reviewed by a manager to ensure accuracy and completeness. The manager presents the information to the CFO who would then use this info to formulate strategies for the future. An accountant cannot fulfil all the roles. Depending on the size and function of your team, IFC's flexible approach can complete this whole process or fulfil gaps where required.

  • What is the difference between a CFO and an Accountant?

    An accountant provides and analyses data from the past to assure the current standing of a company. A CFO analyses the data from the past to provide solutions for the future and formulate strategies for growth.

  • Why do I need a CFO?

    Every business has several stake-holders such as – shareholders, employees, clients, suppliers, financers.
    Corporate Governance is defined as 'mitigation of current and potential conflicts of interest between all stake-holders. – World Economic Forum CFOs play a very large role in helping the CEO to achieve this tricky balance, through anticipating potential conflict courses within the context of growing competitiveness (which translates to influencing clients to prefer, buy, stay, re-buy and refer your products and services).