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  • UAE hosts well known and world-class events.
    Expo 2020, Dubai International Film Festivals, Formula 1, Corporate events, United Nations conferences, and many more are held or about to be held in UAE.
  • We have worked with some of the best event management companies that have hosted impeccable events in UAE.
  • IFC has helped many entrepreneurs in the event industry to maximise their revenue and achieve ultimate growth.
  • Our clients have successfully acquired their yearly targets with an increase in sales and the number of events managed. IFC works with event management firms to help them streamline their operations and identify the bottlenecks within their organizations.
  • Our team has a solution oriented approach that increases efficiency growth.
  • We help them by providing Capital Cash Flow Management, Bookkeeping, Audits, Business Plans, Acquisition, CFO and more services.
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Food & Beverages

  • Dubai is one of the most multicultural cities in the world. Being a business and expatriate hub, Dubai has many international restaurants and lounges.
  • We have worked with some of the most successful restaurant chains in Dubai.
  • Our clients have vouched for an increase in the number of customers and an increase in the number of outlets in Dubai.
  • We help them with Restaurant Management and by providing POS (Point of Sales) systems, Internal Controls, Bookkeeping, Audit and more services.
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  • As Dubai is a great tourist destination, it believes in giving immaculate hospitality.
  • IFC has successfully worked with the most well-known companies in Dubai’s thriving hospitality sector.
  • Our clients have significantly benefited with the solutions provided by IFC. They have reported an increase in the occupancy rates and schemes.
  • We contribute to our client’s success by providing them with our bespoke services.
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Information Technology

  • On it’s way to being a Smart City, Dubai has adapted to most of the technological advancements. It welcomes innovation and modern business measures.
  • As IFC is a futuristic accounting practise that is up to date with the technological trends, it works passionately with the IT sector.
  • We have successfully worked with twenty five percent of tech start-ups featured in Forbes.
  • Our clients exceeded their sales and revenue targets for last year. We create breakthrough strategies and engage in cross-marketing to ensure growth within organizations.
  • We provide our clients with Accounting, Consultation, CFO and more services to put them on the path to success.
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  • With the progressing architecture and infrastructure, UAE has a growing manufacturing industry.
  • IFC works with some of the top companies in the manufacturing industry to provide them with their Accounting solutions.
  • We have many success stories that state distinct ways in which IFC has helped businesses maximise their output with minimum input.
  • We implement strategies and processes that smoothen operations and increase efficiency.
  • IFC helps clients by streamlining their costs, managing their cash flow, providing CFO and more services.
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  • As Dubai has a thriving textile sector, IFC has successfully created ground breaking strategies for many companies in the textile industry.
  • Our clients have expressed their high level of satisfaction by stating various ways in which IFC's innovative strategies helped them grow. We helped them eliminate inefficient processes and implement growth strategies.
  • We assist them with setting up new Accounting Systems, Trade Finance Facilities, Audits, Bookkeeping and more services.
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