“Overnight success stories take a long time.” ~ Steve Jobs

Mature Stage Pain Points

Every Mature business faces a unique set of obstacles which are common among businesses in that stage. At IFC, we understand these challenges and reinvent strategies for maximising business value.

  • Doubtful about fraud within your company?
  • Concerned about declining revenues and profits?
  • Worried about working capital management?

Small businesses that accommodate 100 employees or less face a median loss of $154,000 because of fraud.” - Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE)

  • Fraud be it big or small has a major impact on any business. What is worse is not knowing if fraud is taking place in your business.
  • IFC provides an independent review of financial controls to help deter and prevent frauds.
  • Are you in control of your cash and stock?

Let IFC help you

IFC Experience for a Mature Business

Have you been in business for many years and now looking to maximise its value?

As the business reaches maturity phase, sometimes the product life cycle starts to stagnate or decline. We work with the Business Leaders to innovate and reverse the trend. We have senior professionals who have successfully built value in business. Connect with us now to see how we can help you maximise your goals.

-Pramod Dhalwani

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