Payroll Services

We ensure International businesses with operations in UAE stay compliant with the local law and facilitate timely employee payments

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Payroll services relate to outsourcing the setup, preparation, compliance and payment on salaries and wages. Although there is no individual Income Tax in UAE, there are compliance requirements with Labour Laws. International businesses with Employees across countries benefit from outsourcing their payroll function to IFC as we ensure full compliance with the UAE Law.

  • Employing UAE Nationals

    For UAE Nationals, there are pension contributions to General Pension and Social Security Authority (GPSSA) that need to be made by Employer and Employee. Contributions should be made by both the employer and employee. The contributions are as follows:
    Employer Contribution – 12.5% of employee’s monthly salary (Basic + Housing Allowance)
    Employee Contribution – 5%
    Late Payment Fee – 10%
    The monthly minimum salary subject to social security contributions is AED 1,000 and maximum is AED 50,000. The 5% employee contribution will be deducted from the employee’s salary each month while the payment to GPSSA should be done before 10th of the following month. The social security payments that have to be made for the UAE nationals cannot be processed through bank transfer, but by physically handing out a check at the government office. The cheque has to be written in Arabic. At IFC, we ensure that the company stays compliant by processing the payments and declarations correctly.

  • Freezone Companies

    UAE has established many freezones which allow 100% ownership to expats. As a result it is a popular option amongst international investors and companies to setup a Freezone company. Each Freezone authority has its own independent rules of compliance. IFC ensures that all employee related matters including salary processing is compliant and expedited.

  • Mainland Companies

    Mainland companies require that a UAE National is part of the company, either as a Shareholder or as an Agent for some specified licencing activities. These companies have to pay the salaries via WPS System. There are legal requirement compliance when the Employee joins and leaves during the course of employment. IFC Team is fully conversant with the law and changes that are announced by the Ministry. We ensure that our clients stay compliant with the payment of salaries in the appropriate format and payments to Government Authorities for the pension deductions for UAE Nationals, GCC citizens and expats.

Our Approach to Payroll Services

  • IFC invests in training staff to ensure they are fully up to date with the new labour laws.
  • IFC staff are experienced and knowledgeable about the various requirements of mainland and different freezones in UAE and can guide you through the labour legislation in UAE.
  • We support clients by understanding their needs and the nature of their businesses.
  • IFC believes in transparency with rates and processes. After mandated by clients, IFC engages a client service executive who ensures timely deliveries and keeps them updated throughout the progression of service.
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